The Australian National Food Plan – Have Your Say!

National Food Plan, Green Paper
3.75mb PDF

The Australian federal government has issued a green paper on a National Food Plan for public consultation, which will include a series of public meetings in various places over the next several weeks, until September 30, 2012.

This is an excellent opportunity for permaculturists, localvores, agro-ecologists, etc., to get their message across and help ensure that it’s not just the big corporations who shape Australia’s food future (to their own disastrous ends).

Inset, at right, is the full Green Paper, and here is a summary. You’ll see that the focus is on dollars and exports, rather than sustainable peak-oil-generation resilience.

There are several ways you can give input on this topic. Find our more here, and register for a meeting near you here.

Please share this page, and encourage as many lucid souls as you can to get involved and breathe some sanity into Australia’s food future.