Help Get The Idiot Cycle into the Public Domain

The Idiot Cycle – trailer

I am Emmanuelle Schick Garcia, the director of the award-winning documentary The Idiot Cycle that investigates the connections between the chemical, cancer and GMO industries (the film focuses on Dow Chemical, Monsanto, Bayer, Dupont, BASF and Astrazeneca).

I am contacting you because we have started a campaign to transfer The Idiot Cycle into the public domain, so anyone, anywhere can see the film.

We produced The Idiot Cycle with no commercial partnerships, financial support from broadcasters or distributors or state funding, making The Idiot Cycle a truly independent film.

While we allowed non-profit associations and university medical, law and agricultural students in over 40 universities to screen the film without paying any licensing fees in its first year, we could not continue to do this, since we have the sole responsibility of repaying the film’s costs.

But we agree with the many people who have contacted us, this is an important film that needs to be seen.

That is why we have decided, with the publics help, to make The Idiot Cycle part of the public domain.

If The Idiot Cycle becomes part of the public domain, anyone, anywhere will be able to see it. That’s a lot of people that will learn about the companies who create pesticides and GMOs and also profit from cancer treatment.

While my producer, Laila Tahhar and I were never paid for our over three years of work on the film (and never will be), the cost to make the film was a little over 200,000 euros. This is an average budget for an investigative film that is shot in 8 countries – Canada, USA, France, Netherlands, Germany, England, Northern Ireland, and Italy and where the crew is paid fair wages and receives social security benefits.

As of today, between television licensing fees (the film was broadcast on Russia Today, Al Jazeera, and AB), DVD/download sales and library licensing fees we have recuperated about 14,000 euros (which means, we still have $192,532 to repay).

But, if 7,700 folks make a $25 donation (price of a DVD), The Idiot Cycle will be in the public domain. But we need the help of people like you to reach that many people.

To make this happen, we hope you will help us with the following:

  1. Anyone can make a financial contribution at our campaign headquarters:
    (If we DO NOT reach our goal, everyone is refunded their contribution. We have 59 days to complete this campaign).
  2. Share the campaign link on facebook.
  3. Twitter the campaign link.

With your help:

  • Anyone will be able to screen, watch, stream, share and distribute The Idiot Cycle anywhere, by any means, sparking debates and awareness about GMOs, cancer and toxic chemicals.
  • Anyone will be able to make translations of the film in any countries. (Currently we have an English, French and Italian version of the film).

If we reach our goal and repay the costs of the film, The Idiot Cycle will belong to everyone. If we don’t succeed, everyone is refunded their contribution and JPS Films will retain the copyright.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions: thegeeks (at)

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Kind regards,
Emmanuelle Schick Garcia
JPS Films