The Konohana Family Farm – Successful Sustainable Living in Japan

This micro-documentary about the Konohana Family Farm will take you to the heart of a successful intentional community flourishing about three hours from Tokyo. Their farm was established on the foothills of Mount Fuji, about 18 years ago, by a handful of people who sought an alternative lifestyle. They knew almost nothing about sustainable living practices, eco-villages or permaculture.

After years of practice, exchange and experiments, the happy intentional community of 60 now grows over 250 organic crops on their 16 hectares of land. They are now sharing their knowledge and practices to promote and support the establishment of other eco-villages and sustainable communities across Japan.

Their success lies in their unconditional respect for the earth combined with an integrative approach of modern technology. For instance, they are adamant about sticking to all-organic/natural methods and respect a vegetarian and localvore diet. As for technology, they use their website to redistribute their surplus and they’ve converted their machinery to biodiesel.

The Konohana Farm is now a vibrant hub for environmental education — they accept WWOOFers and organize visits — in which participants will get the opportunity to discover how to lower their ecological footprint.

Curious about your carbon footprint? Measure yours here.