Taranaki Farm Videos

How To Move Your Farm Animals

Taranaki Farm shows you how to move a herd of cows, a flock of laying hens, some sheep and a stowaway frog in only 20 minutes… and in the process, heal farmland and local community.

Autumn Rain & Keyline Earthworks

Pairing Keyline Design farm layout to Polyface Farming methods makes Taranaki Farm genuinely unique in the world of sustainable/regenerative agriculture. Now with ten interlinked keyline dams and catchment road, drains and irrigation features, Taranaki Farm continues its investment in keyline design as a strategy for dryland water management which supports direct marketed, salad bar beef, pigerator pork and pastured chicken and egg enterprises.

We recently completed an ambitious water harvesting earthworks project that saw the construction of four new dams and a couple of kilometres of catchment roads.

Employing ‘Keyline Design’ principles developed by the late P.A. Yeomans, we devised a comprehensive layout for the front section of our farm that finalises the ‘mob stocked’
grazing systems — all within the permanence of stable and useful water harvesting contour roads and ridge dams. The Autumn breaking rains have arrived and our earthworks have been put to the test….