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How to Graft a Fruit Tree

YouTube is full of ‘how-to’ videos but only a few give clear instructions with professional presentation, good sound and really clear visuals. This is why I give top marks to the series of three fruit tree grafting videos from Dave Wilson Nurseries which have comprehensive instructions, good camera close-ups and a very knowledgeable presenter.

In this 9-minute video (above), the presenter explains how to graft 3 different varieties of nectarine onto one nectarine tree. The two videos below are follow-ups showing the grafting after two and six months. You can find lots more at this channel including info on grape growing and a tour round their gorgeous elevated display garden with a definite permaculture flavor.

Field Grafting Follow-Up

Tree Grafting 6 Month Follow-Up

5 Responses to “How To Graft A Fruit Tree”

  1. Pete

    I’ve never grafted nectarine, but I have found that multiple varieties of Malus grafted on the same tree lessons the life of the tree, multi grafted trees older than around 8 yrs tend to look very stressed in my experience, it is for this reason I choose not to graft multiple varieties onto the same tree.

    Two trees can fit into the same space as one tree if pruned for the placement, specially if they’re being trained into fan/cordon/espalier they will retain vigour compared to multi grafted trees, with the bonus of redundancy should one tree die off.

    Course multi grafted trees are cool to show the kids for the wow factor, not so good for maximising fruit yield, but if “coolness” is one of your yields, you won’t be disappointed for a good few yrs :)

  2. Damien

    This is a great way to see how to graft fruit trees. really helps if teaching how and why to do it!!!

  3. Pakanohida

    Thank you. :)

    I am grateful for this work you have done to help me and others, again, thank you.

    With respect,
    Me :)

  4. Matthew Erickson

    Now and then, I’ve tried grafting over the years, but it seemed as complicated as my income tax form. And with the same outcome – no growth.

    Now, with Spellman, I’m fired up. I can’t wait for spring. He makes everything so clear.

    Matt Erickson. Alberta, Canada

  5. Ann TREE

    Hi Tom, have thoroughly enjoyed your grafting videos. I live in South-East Australia and have my own gardening Business. I have just been asked to save someone’s fruit trees through grafting. They are all Apples. Can you help with some Grafting videos or tips on grafting apples please? Thank you in anticipation of your time and reply. Kind regards, Ann Tree.


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