3 Responses to “Reasons to Be Fearful”

  1. Deep Green Greenie

    Yes, there’s probably an element of fear. Fear of state reaction. Fear of change. Fear of the people in OWS. But the one fear that is missing that would truly swell the numbers is people fearing for their own futures. After the 2008 financial shock, there was enough fear for their own futures that people starting vegetable gardens – http://www.usatoday.com/money/industries/food/2009-02-19-recession-vegetable-seeds_N.htm

    The collective level of fear for one’s future isn’t great enough to outweigh the other fears. As a species, we tend to inertia until we are shocked into a new direction. For OWS thousands to become millions, shocks are needed.

  2. Joshua

    Unfortunately, we must continue to work in our day jobs to ensure that the mortgages on our permaculture properties are kept paid… otherwise we would attend without hestitation!


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