Tony Rinaudo: “Against the odds: Reversing desertification in arid and semi arid lands” (IPC Presentation – Video)

Tony Rinaudo’s IPC10 conference presentation was one of the highlights of the event for three good reasons — 1) because of the scale of impact his Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) work has achieved (more than 30,000 km² of re-greened, regenerated land to date); 2) the utter simplicity — and thus doability — of this work (it requires no financial investment or out-of-reach technologies, only a little educational guidance and community collaboration), and 3) the speed at which this regeneration can occur and lives can improve.

We’ve brought people’s attention to FMNR before…

… and now I have the great pleasure of being able to share Tony’s IPC10 conference talk in high definition video (at top). Note: If you want to see the slides in higher quality, you can download Tony’s presentation (9mb Powerpoint) and click through it in a different window as Tony talks if you like.

Readers can also download:

I cannot emphasise enough how important FMNR can be to stabilising soils, regional hydrology, climate and socio-economic situations across vast areas of our earth’s surface. Tony has his eyes set on seeing FMNR recognised and taken up in a great many other needy places — places beyond ripe for positive change — and I’d encourage all to operate within their sphere of influence to help bring this noble aim to fruition. If you can do nothing else, share this page with as many people as possible!

Thanks for accepting our invitation to the IPC10 Tony — it was a pleasure to host and now broadcast your words and experiences.