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Courtesy: Marc Roberts

What with the ongoing occupation of New York’s financial district, and City traders coming out from under their gilded rocks in full candour (see below) — Frank thought it about time to break out the D-locks and superglue again.

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  1. Albert Johnston

    Paraphrase. “We keep you alive to serve this ship. So row well and live.”

  2. Chris

    Yes I am sure a lot of traders, including the guy in this video, are “short selling” the market (ie buying financial instruments that profit from a market fall) and doing their damn-est, including trying to scare the general public and cause a stampede to dump shares and causing the market to crash, so they can make a killing.

    Basically, this what what George Soros did several years ago with the British pound, and made billions out of it.

    So beware of blindly believing anything any trader tells you – there is usually has a vested interested in what he/she says.



    PS: Yes there is a battle going on now between those that want to destabilise the market causing it to fall and are trying their best to do so and those that are trying to stabilise the market (mainly governments). Only history will tell as to who the winner will be but t is far from a foregone conclusion.

  3. Adolfo

    if you pay attention to the long list of corruption cases in Wall Street and large investment firms in the U.S. for the last ten years you woud conclude that there is no need for people to destabilize the market; instead the current corruption and global scam is to forcibly maintain the image of a market balance which does not exist.
    One important truth of what this trader says is that financeers make moeny on crashes and finantial crisis; and for the last ten years the powers at be have lied to the public while their cronies make money on the crooked system they manipulate. All this while the average gullible guy is kept believing in a system made to rip him off for the benwfit of a few global corporations.


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