“Organic” Doesn’t Mean GMO-Free

Do you care about GMOs in your food? Did you know that being “certified organic” does not guarantee the food is not contaminated with GMOs? Contamination has been found in certified organic foods since 2002. That’s not a typo, folks. It’s horrifying to see how long we’ve been a part of the largest experiment in human history.

Let the food companies you support know you don’t want GMOs in your food. Write them a sample letter, like the one below. If you are in the US or Canada, suggest food companies become a part of the Non-GMO Project.

The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit organization performing independent testing of food products for GMOs. You can search for foods they’ve certified are free of GMOs. Please note, a company being listed as a member does not mean all their products have been tested yet. The process takes time. However, each brand has a list of products showing which are certified GMO free. The site also has an iPhone app for finding those products while shopping. Major and minor brands are members – Eden, Annie’s, Nature’s Path, bionaturae, SAN-J, and Westsoy, to name a few. Currently, most members would fall under the “natural foods” category. Not surprisingly, the list doesn’t appear to have any major mainstream producers, like Dole, Kraft, Nestle, or General Mills, or even their affiliated “natural” labels.

Our efforts at labeling aren’t enough on their own. I know, I was a signature collector on the first GMO-labeling ballot initiative in the United States – in 2002! It’s been almost ten years, and we still have no labeling in the US. The food supply is already contaminated, and the major conventional food producers don’t care or are already financially involved in the GMO industry. If we want to stop GMOs and keep them out of our bodies, we have to let the food companies know it really matters to us. We have to tell them with our pocketbooks and our voices.

Below is a sample email to send a message to food producers:



My whole family loves your products, but is very concerned about ingesting GMOs. We’ve decided to eliminate genetically modified foods from our diets — even products that are listed as certified organic, but untested for GMO contamination. I know this is a huge request to you, and I very much want your company to be successful and your great products to stay affordable. But we are deeply concerned about GMOs, and will have no more exposure to them. More and more people are learning about GMOs, and as consumer knowledge increases, ensuring your products are GMO-free will become an asset.

Please consider joining the non-GMO project (http://www.nongmoproject.org). We’re using their iPhone app while shopping to help us find foods that are certified free of GMOs, to help us keep all genetically modified products out of our diets.

Thank you,


Where do we send these letters? Click here for links to natural food companies and who owns them. We need to let them know we don’t support GMOs!