Worldwide Permaculture Network Database Update – Beta Testing!

I just want to express immense gratitude for the donations towards our upcoming Worldwide Permaculture Network database-slash-social-networking-site. At time of writing, the ChipIn widget on our sidebar is showing 36 contributors giving a combined total of $2,125. There have been a couple of others who’ve donated by other means as well. Our development costs are obviously significantly higher than this, but every bit helps….

The exciting thing is that if 36 or so people are willing to put their money where their mouth is (often the minority!) then there’s obviously a whole lot of other people out there looking forward to getting involved and helping make this a success, at the very least by making good use of the system to share what they’re doing so that people worldwide can get inspired by the potential, learn, and then start their own projects large or small — the main point of the system.

As per requests, we’ve already added the ability to show details for more than one PDC you’ve taken (some people are serial PDC-takers!), and we’re also about to implement an option to show your gender, and a "I’m single, looking for a permaculture partner" indicator for those who want to ensure their life partner is on the same wavelength. (As Geoff says, there is such a thing as a permaculture divorce…. and it seems to me that if we’re going to breed a new generation of people we’d do well to ensure they’re permies!) We’ve also added the ability for projects, if they’re of the ‘educational’ type, to list their courses. This is something I’d planned at the outset, but have now completed. We need permaculture educational centres popping up all over if we’re to extract ourselves from our present global trajectory.

We want to see people driving permaculture into the mainstream everywhere, and this system will be an important collection of tools to help bring this to pass — what some have termed a "game changer".

As an update — I’m now letting a few beta testers in to help us find any bugs and to make any other suggestions. We’ve stretched ourselves financially on developing this, so we want to launch it very soon and hope for your continued support for further developments you may wish to see included in revisions of the system.