7 Responses to “CNN Takes a Look at Permaculture”

  1. Alexandra Rodriguez

    WOOHOO!!!! YEAH!! CNN!! FINALLY! So awesome this is on TV now. Little by little the word is getting out and the Permaculture Revolution will spread like wildfire. I am literally walking on air!

  2. J

    desert sand into fertile land!

    awesome guys, congratulations.

    Joni those were some gooood words – thanks for representing all the young permies.

    Zaytuna will miss you big time.


  3. trevor bamford

    great piece of coverage Geoff – “gadgets” v “community” – awesome!

  4. reneehc

    That is so great! Congratulations! I hope many people start to permaculture their land due to seeing this!

  5. john

    Its nothing to do with self sufficiency at all unless those plants some how grow without sunlight, Co2 and water and we don’t need to love, eat drink or breath.


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