The Gospel of Consumption

It’s with a degree of dark fascination I watch as the current financial crisis brings substantial funding to the same people who’ve been instrumental in bringing it upon us – and who’ve single handedly manipulated and destroyed the local economies of dozens of countries (see this backgrounder on the food crisis for example).

The cartoon featured here is one of my favourites from the wizard enviro-cartoonist Marc Roberts, and works as a great intro to an article I’d like to draw your attention to, and strongly encourage you to read (see further below).

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The potential of true freedom for local communities is being completely undermined by the desire of those with money and power to keep funds flowing through their hands. Natural systems, if well designed and managed, can sustainably provide all of the needs of the human organism (food, water, health, shelter, clothing, social interaction and personal satisfaction). Living within the limits of your local eco-system, with the cooperation of the community around you, threatens centralised, corporate dominance – that we all support to some degree or another – with redundancy.

On this note, the article I’d like to share with you is titled ‘The Gospel of Consumption’. It’s a very readable, well researched examination of how our modern world has come to be based on perpetual consumption and goes a long way to explaining why our modern ‘labour-saving’ machines and gadgets have, instead, seen us working longer and longer hours as each decade passes. I hope you’ll take time to read it, and let us know your thoughts.