Synthetic Sea

We are turning our oceans into a chemical soup – the result being misery and death for billions of organisms, and serious health implications for ourselves.

When we throw things away, we must ask ourselves “where is away?” The clip below, one of the most frightening I have ever seen, will give you an idea of where at least one of these ‘away’ locations is. Much of our oil-based plastic products end up in our oceans, where they slowly break down into smaller and smaller pieces. Although this may sound like a good thing, in reality all it means is that they are more readily taken up by fish, dolphins, whales, turtles, birds and a myriad other organisms. The plastic molecules never actually disappear. Plastic diminishes in size until in appearance it almost perfectly imitates plankton – resulting in a situation where creatures actually compete with each other to eat it. And, worse, in some parts of the ocean the ratio of plastic to plankton is 6:1, and rising.

The following clip, put together by the Algalita Marine Research Foundation, projects a vision of human stupidity that defies comprehension.